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Beginning of our story
Cultural richness of Māori takes us beyond the blossoming medical cannabis industry in New Zealand.

Our Story

The indigenous people of New Zealand, Māori have been living in the Bay of Plenty for over 700 years – The Bay as it is affectionately known to the locals is also the home of Zymbl Pharma-. In Māori culture, Māori remain deeply connected to the land and to the natural world. Through this connection to the natural world, Māori have continued to practice long-standing, and unique traditions for hundreds of years. Rongoā Māori is one of these, a form of traditional healing, which encompasses plant remedies, physical therapies and spiritual healing. Rākau Rongoā – plant remedies are plant or tree-based medicinal remedies. Plant remedies (Rākau Rongoā) form an integral part of Rongoā Māori. Numerous native plants are used to treat a variety of medical conditions. With this in mind the combining of medicinal cannabis and New Zealand traditional plant remedies has been a major interest area for our team. 

The Bay of Plenty where Zymbl Pharma is based is a large basin stretching inland from nearly 260 kilometres (160 miles) of coast and almost continuous white sandy beaches.  The Bay of Plenty’s fertile soil, water resources and mild climate means it is great for primary production and processing of fruit, meat and dairy products. Kiwifruit is the region’s largest horticultural export with avocados also a growing industry. Combine this with the Port of Tauranga one of New Zealand’s prime export gateways, and the cultural richness of Māori.  There are various opportunities within the blossoming medical cannabis industry in New Zealand we can take advantage of. This leads us to the beginning of our story.

Our Motif

We have adopted a motif that resonates our value proposition: 

Tama tū Tama ora – To stand is to live

It articulates how the natural world strengthens the ora – health, Wairua -spirit and tāngata – people. The motif represents all forest life, such as birds, trees and plant life that populates the ngāhere – forest – a sanctuary for Rongoā Māori.

1. This part is that of those of unwell and suffering pain (tāngata māuiui).

2. The root of all plant life compliment the design re-connecting again back to the natural resources used to make the medicinal products.

3. This motif ascends upwards “Kia piki te ora” – to encourage one’s relief and inner life-force through medicinal products by ‘Zymbl Group’.

What We Do

The New Zealand government has recently established the “Medicinal Cannabis Scheme”. The scheme sets up the regulatory framework to improve access to quality medicinal cannabis products, through enabling the commercial cultivation of medicinal cannabis and the manufacture of medicinal cannabis products in NZ.

We are a company based in Bay of Plenty. Our business is to grow, manufacture and export medicinal cannabis and products to NZ and the World. At this stage we are mainly focused in the management and provision of wrap around services for the medicinal cannabis cultivation facilities and becoming artisans in both harvested and finished products.

Zymbl Pharma plans to become a premier provider of sustainable, high-quality medicinal cannabis and Rongoā Māori inspired products, while supporting our greater vision of making wellbeing affordable and accessible.

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